Stephen Bentley
Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, UK
Research interests: Genomics, evolution and adaptation to disease and clinical intervention
Editor's webpage
Nicholas Thomson
Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, UK
Research interests: Bacterial evolution and spread with a focus on sexually transmitted and diarrheal diseases
Editor's webpage

Senior Editors

Carmen Buchrieser
Pasteur Institute, France
Research interests: Comparative genomics, evolution and regulation, host pathogen interactions
Editor's webpage
Jukka Corander
University of Oslo, Norway
Research interests: Population genetics, genome evolution, microbial evolution, causality, computational inference
Editor's webpage
Jennifer Gardy
BCCDC Canada
Research interests: Genomic epidemiology, infectious disease, public health
Editor's webpage
Kathryn Holt
University of Melbourne, Australia
Research interests: Antimicrobial resistance, gram negative pathogens and the microbiome
Editor's webpage
Christos A. Ouzounis
Research interests: Genome structure, function and evolution, biological sequence comparison, synthetic biology
Editor's webpage
Alan Walker
University of Aberdeen, UK
Research interests: gut microbiology, microbiota, microbiome, metagenomics, single-cell genomics
Editor's webpage


Fernán Agùero
National University of General San Martin, Argentina
Research interests: Genomics, bioinformatics, neglected diseases, microbial eukaryotes, trypanosomes, peptide microarrays, genetic diversity
Angela Brueggemann
University of Oxford, UK
Research interests: bacterial genomics, vaccines, antibiotics, molecular epidemiology, bacteriophages, big data
Editor's webpage
Sarah Coulthurst
University of Dundee, UK
Research interests: Bacterial protein secretion and virulence, inter-bacterial competition
Editor's webpage
Donald Arthur Cowan
Centre for Microbial Ecology and Genomics, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Research interests: Microbial ecology, metagenomics, extremophiles
Editor's webpage
Christina Cuomo
Broad Institute, USA
Research interests: Evolutionary and comparative genomics, host-pathogen interactions, fungal pathogens
Editor's webpage
Claire Fraser
University of Maryland, USA
Research interests: Structure and function of the human gut microbiota, pathogen diversity and evolution, host-pathogen interactions, microbila forensics
Editor's webpage
Ashlee Earl
Broad Institute, USA
Research interests: Antibiotic resistance, bacterial pathogens, evolution, bug-host interactions, microbiomes
Ross Fitzgerald
University of Edinburgh, UK
Research interests: Gram-positive bacteria, evolutionary genomics, pathogenesis
Editor's webpage

Elodie Ghedin
New York University, USA
Research interests: Virus evolution, metagenomics, microbiome
William Hanage
Harvard University, USA
Research interests: Epidemiology, evolution, ecology, recombination, outbreaks, antibiotic resistance, pneumococcus, population genomics
Editor's webpage
Colin Harwood
Newcastle University, UK
Research interests: Protein secretion; genome-wide regulatory networks; gram positive bacteria
Editor's webpage
Tetsuya Hayashi
Kyushu University, Japan
Research interests: Bacterial genomics, bacteriophages, gene transfer,intestinal microbiota
Paul A Hoskisson
University of Strathclyde, UK
Research interests: Actinobacterial genomes, evolution of pathogenicity, evolution of metabolism
Editor's webpage
Claire Jenkins
Public Health England, UK
Research interests: Gastrointestinal pathogens, molecular typing, public health
Editor's webpage
Ravi Kumar K L
KIMS Hospital and Research Centre, India
Research interests: Infectious diseases, antimicrobial testing, bacterial genetics, NGS
Jessica Kissinger
University of Georgia, USA
Research interests: Protist pathogen genomics, apicomplexa, molecular evolution, data mining
Editor's webpage
Philippe Lemey
University of Leuven, Belgium
Research interests: Viral evolution, molecular epidemiology, phylogenetics, phylogeography
Editor's webpage
Nick Loman
University of Birmingham, UK
Research interests: Clinical microbial genomics and metagenomics
Editor's webpage
William Martin
University of Düsseldorf, Germany
Research interests: Endosymbiosis, gene transfer, eukaryotes, early evolution, autotrophic origins
Editor's webpage
Alan McNally
University of Birmingham, UK
Research interests: Evolution of pathogenesis, genomic epidemiology
Editor's webpage
Claudine Médigue
Laboratory of Bioinformatics Analyses for Genomics and Metabolism, France
Research interests: Computational microbiology, microbial genomics, bacterial metabolism, pathogens analysis
Martha Nelson
National Institutes of Health, USA
Research interests: Viral evolution, influenza virus, molecular epidemiology, phylogeography
Julian Parkhill
Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, UK
Research interests: Microbial genomics, population genomics, phylogenetics, evolution
Editor's webpage
Jason Stajich
University of California-Riverside, USA
Research interests: Evolutionary genomics of fungi
Editor's webpage

Daniel J Wilson
University of Oxford, UK
Research interests: Evolutionary genomics, statistical genetics
Editor's webpage

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