News : ‘Riding the TIGR - an oral history’; latest SOTSOG piece published.

30 May 2017

Read about sequencing the first bacterial genome, hiding messages in genome annotation figures, and the FBI's ‘Amerithrax’ investigation in ‘Riding the TIGR - an oral history’, the latest in our 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'. This piece explores the history of the Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) from the perspectives of some of the researchers who worked there: Elodie Ghedin and Jane Carlton (New York University), Neil Hall (Earlham Institute) and Adam Phillippy (National Human Genome Research Institute/NIH).

‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ (SOTSOG) is a feature in Microbial Genomics that aims to highlight the origins of the field, and celebrate those who have influenced or had a direct impact on genomics-related research.

Previous pieces have included autobiographies by Professor Stanley Falkow, Professor David Hopwood, Professor Brian Spratt and Professor Nigel Brown as well as an interview with Dame Janet Thornton and features on Professor Carl Woese and Professor Everitt George Dunne Murray. To read these and more just visit the SOTSOG homepage.

To nominate a ‘giant’ or influential paper in your area of research simply email [email protected] with your suggestions!

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