News : 2018 Fleming Prize Winner: Congratulations to Dr Sarah Coulthurst

12 February 2018

Congratulation to Editor Dr Sarah Coulthurst (University of Dundee), for winning the Microbiology Society 2018 Fleming Prize!

The Fleming Prize is named after Sir Alexander Fleming, founder and first President of the Microbiology Society, and is awarded to an early career researcher who has achieved an outstanding research record.

Sarah’s research focuses on protein secretion, working to understand how bacteria interact with their environment, each other, and their hosts. In particular, she looks at gram-negative type VI protein secretion systems, which are involved in killing competitor bacteria and host toxicity.

You can hear Sarah talk about her work as part of the Fleming Prize Lecture she will be giving at the Society’s Annual Conference in Birmingham, 10–13 April 2018. For more information, including the full programme and registration, click here.

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