News : #ThinkFungus: Fungal Disease Awareness Week.

14 August 2017

This week is Fungal Disease Awareness Week.

There have been increasing calls, over the past few years, for more research attention (and funding) to be given to fungal pathogens. In a week where a possible outbreak of drug resistant Japanese fungus, Candida auris, has made headlines in the UK, the timing of #FungalWeek could not be more fitting. Globally, fungal pathogens kill over 1.6 million people a year. As well as posing a serious risk to public health and food security, fungal disease is also a threat to biodiversity and can have a devastating impact on wild populations.

Organised by the CDC, Fungal Disease Awareness Week encourages healthcare providers and patients to #ThinkFungus, highlighting the importance of early recognition in serious fungal diseases.

Microbial Genomics encourages submissions of all work on fungal pathogens that includes a genomic approach and has two expert fungal Editors: Christina Cuomo (Broad Institute, USA) and Jason Stajich (University of California, Riverside, USA).

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