News : Congratulations to this year's Annual Conference Poster Prize winner!

07 May 2018

Earlier this year Microbial Genomics awarded a prize for the best poster that had used a genomics approach, at the Society's Annual Conference in Birmingham.

Judged and presented by Editors Paul Hoskisson and Claire Jenkins, this year's winner is Imogen Johnston-Menzies for her poster entitled: Investigating the differential virulence of Salmonella serovars in livestock

 Following the conference, we caught up with Imogen to ask her about her work.

Who or what inspired you to be a scientist?
As a child I decided that I wanted to be a scientist because I was incredibly interested in wildlife and nature. It wasn't until second year of my undergraduate degree however that I became fascinated by how bacteria interact with their hosts inspiring me to become a microbiologist.

What are you currently working on and what area of your research excites you the most?
I am in the second year of my PhD and working on host-adaptation of Salmonella serovars; currently the area I find most exciting is the virulence regulation controlling the differences in protein secretion we have observed between Salmonella strains.

How would you explain your poster to a child under 10?
To try and understand why some bugs cause animals to get sicker than others, we study what exactly these bugs pump out of themselves to discover the differences between a bug that causes food poisoning that animals can fight off and a bug that causes deadly disease.

What would you be doing in your career if you weren't a scientist?
I think I would be a writer or working in journalism.

Winners of a journal poster prize are awarded a cash prize and one year''s free membership to the Microbiology Society. Other conferences the journal will be presenting a prize at this year include Rowett-IRNA 2018 and the ECM Summer Conference.

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