News : Microbial Genomics have launched Outbreak Reports

19 January 2017

Microbial Genomics have launched Outbreak Reports, a new, short-format article type detailing the key role that genomics has played in investigating communicable disease outbreaks.

Authors are able to submit their Outbreak Reports now, via our online submission system. There are no requirements regarding the size of the outbreak or the public health significance. Microbial Genomics is looking for novel and interesting stories describing unique applications of genomics at any stage of an outbreak.

All Outbreak Reports should provide within the article:

• A description of the outbreak's basic epidemiology (case counts, demographics, etc.)

•The genomic approach taken


•A "Lessons Learned" summary of the key points arising from the investigation, which can be either epidemiological or methodological

They should also include the supplementary files:

•Open data (sequence data and source information)

•Fully documented analysis methods, including all parameters and reference sequences used (source code available or specify full details of commercial package)

For more information on article types please see the journal’s "About"page. For further enquiries email [email protected]

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