Microbial Genomics is a fully open access, online-only and mandatory open data journal.

Microbial Genomics welcomes papers that use genomic approaches to understand microbial evolution, population genomics and phylogeography, outbreaks and epidemiological investigations, impact of climate or changing niche, metagenomic and whole transcriptome studies, and bioinformatic analysis. The journal's scope covers the breadth of microbiology, from clinically important pathogens to microbial life in diverse ecosystems.

Our aim is to publish articles communicating novel insights gained from using genomic data, exciting new applications and innovative analysis approaches. Read the full journal scope.

Microbial Genomics supports and encourages the use of pre-print servers such as BioRvix.


Professor Nicholas Thomson, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Professor Stephen Bentley, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK


  • #ThinkFungus: Fungal Disease Awareness Week.

    This week is Fungal Disease Awareness Week.

    Organised by the CDC, Fungal Disease Awareness Week encourages healthcare providers and patients to 'think fungus', highlighting the importance of early recognition in serious fungal diseases.

  • Society journals now accept direct submissions from bioRxiv

    Journals published by the Microbiology Society are now accepting direct submissions from the pre-print server bioRxiv, making submission to our journals even easier.

  • ‘Riding the TIGR - an oral history’; latest SOTSOG piece published.

    Read about sequencing the first bacterial genome, hiding messages in genome annotation figures, and the FBI's ‘Amerithrax’ investigation in ‘Riding the TIGR - an oral history’, the latest in our 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'. This piece explores the history of the Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) from the perspectives of some of the researchers who worked there: Elodie Ghedin and Jane Carlton (New York University), Neil Hall (Earlham Institute) and Adam Phillippy (National Human Genome Research Institute/NIH).

  • Microbial Genomics Spotlight On: Systems Microbiology

    In July 2016 we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Microbiology Society’s newest journal Microbial Genomics. To mark the occasion we have been interviewing the journal’s Senior Editors to find out which topics they are on the look-out for in each of their subject categories. This month we talk to Dr Christos Ouzounis to discuss the hot topics in ‘Systems Microbiology’, to find out what papers he’d like to see more of in his category and discover who inspired him to go into scientific research.

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